New Beginnings


I recently closed my restaurant after 15 years. It was quite a journey. I didn’t include the two years prior that I spent on opening up my version of a mini Dean and Deluca, December of 1996. The original Corn Exchange never got to see its full potential due to a massive fire that burned the entire half of the block to the ground. The summer of paperwork to get a disaster loan to rebuild and the fall and winter of the initial start over of a new Corn Exchange concept that opened on March 14, 1998. A successful business requires details which I thrive off of but after a while those details physically and mentally wear you out. The fact that you already live in a culinary isolated place makes it doubly hard to bounce back. No Blue Bottle Coffee shop to spur your inspiration, or a Kitchen, Arts and Letters nor a seat at Hog’s Island Oyster Bar or a pizza at Osteria. These require a two plane ride or a five and a half hour car ride south to Colorado. I don’t regret any of it. It has been quite the journey that has led me up to this point. Sometimes too much time to reflect isn’t good. Lying in bed, racking your brain trying to reinvent yourself is exhausting. The fact that you just came from years of being the culinary cruise director of a tea salon to a life of solitude is a huge change. I am excited to see where this new door leads too.